Thursday, October 05, 2006


I wasn´t too effective yesterday, got some retouching done and went to a meeting concerning some pictures to be taken today. The pictures are for a commercial that´s entering the annual VG-Competition, which is a competition for all the ad.agencies sending in an ad for a client they do not for the moment have. I like the idea about the one I shot for, simple and clean but clever. I´ll post it here once it´s finished. Took quite some time photographing and retouching the pictures today so as the hours flew my time to retouch another job got shorter and shorter. Thankfully I´m able to finish the other job on monday instead of today. Got some other plans for the weekend, a special guest is coming to town. For those of you who know me well you should easily figure out who I´m talking about.
Did I mention I went to basketball practice yesterday, so sore today, I´m in such a bad shape. I used to play with the norwegian flag on my chest, a couple of years ago but still, wouldn´t mind to be a little bit fitter. Guess I have to work out more.