Monday, October 23, 2006

Kidz In The Studio

After being away from the beloved studio for a whole week it felt really good to get back to work, spent almost 4 hours sorting out receipts and updating my financial records for the last couple of months. Only september left to do now and I´ll have full coverage of my incomes and outcomes for 2006.

At about 15.00 a whole bunch of people came to the studio, 3 kids, 3 moms, 2 hairdressers and 3 makeup artists. It was time to do another "Hairdresser of the year" shoot. The kids were adorable, the clothes were very nice and it all went great. Really like the pictures as I have just started to sort them out, it needs some heavy photoshop work though since they are supposed to look 1920´ish.
Got another job today as well, going to do another shoot for this magazine about cabins and cottages.

Felt like adding some pictures today and here goes, my girlfriend Trine in a lovely outfit up in the mountains.