Monday, October 30, 2006


Been a couple of days since my last post because the weekend was spent in Denmark. But before that I had two friends over thursday night, Andreas and Marius. We listened to music and drank wine basically, got drunk and enjoyed ourself. Marius didn´t leave until the next morning and said it felt like a one night stand, since I don´t remember how a one night stand feels like I probably agree.

Thursday night made sure that friday morning was a bit hard, but after a couple of hours it got better and me and my girlfriend along with her sister and her boyfriend took off to denmark by boat. Stenaline was our carrier and it was "Swedish Night" with karaoke and Bjørn Rosenstrøm concert, how gr8t was that. Got home from denmark sunday night after partying with Trine´s 80 year old granny and gay cousins, it was a blast.

A good friend of mine got back from a weekend in london with his girlfriend yesterday and he had bought me a gift. Yeah.
Banksy´s new book called Wall & Piece, love it.