Sunday, October 08, 2006


I´ve had a great weekend, couldn´t be happier with the guests.

Went to the Stenersenmuseum today to watch a new exhibition there by the well-known Iranien photographer/filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. His photographic work is mainly concentrated around landscapes and much of that at Stenersen as well but most of the pictures are of shadows in snow and he has some really amazingly beautiful pictures hanging there, very graphic and very appealing. I recommend you to take a trip there, interested in photography or not. After that me and Trine went to the city hall to see the work being showcased there under the title Norwegian Pictures. More than 200 pieces by norwegian and foreign artists featuring all kinds of mediums, some great and quite a lot not so great in my opinion. But my view on art is rather narrow I´m afraid, I quite rarely see things that blow my mind. But Mr. Abbas really caught my attention.