Wednesday, October 11, 2006

30 !!

Wow, this is my post number 30. It´s slowly starting to look like a real blog, that´s cool.
Bought myself a new phone today, it´s called Sony Ericsson W900i. It´s really fancy and I bought it used so I got it for less than half price, that feels good. Currently transferring songs from my computer so that I have something to listen to while walking trough town. This is it;

Photographed another packshot today for a friend of mine, it might be used for an ad later on. I also took some prints from the latest fashionshoot that I did and showed it to a fashionmag here in Oslo and they really seemed to like it, good chances that they might buy it and print it. That would be superb, and also my first fashionspread in a real magazine. Won´t reveal what mag before it´s 100% settled.

Book Recommendation: Rough Trade Labels Unlimited
Following up from Warp this is the second coming of the Labels Unlimited series. Rough Trade is packed with interviews, photographs and cover art. Contains lots of exclusive information about this much loved indie label. As with the record I recommended yesterday this book also celebrates Rough Trades 30th anniversary. As one of the greatest inde labels out there I strongly recommend both the book and the cd for everyone with a sense for quality music.

Two pix taken by me with my new phone, a selfportrait and a picture of my room.