Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pain and Pizza

My neck really hurts after basketball practice yesterday, been in quite bad shape all day so worked a bit from my apartment instead. Turns out that some of the clothes from my fashionspread will be out of the stores by the time it should have been printed which means it might not get printed. That sucks. But beside that disappointment some other good things turned up as well. A couple of hairdressers called and asked if I could photograph pictures for them for the "Hairdresser of the year" contest, will do one shoot sunday and some more the next couple of weeks. I´m gonna do a portrait of a director on monday for the magazine "Natt og Dag", a picture for an ad agency next week and I´m negotiating with a firm based in London about some pictures.

Took my girlfriend out for dinner at Villa Paradiso, a fantastic pizza place. They definately have some of the best pizzas in town, love that restaurant. Tomorrow I´ll see "Team Eckbo" at Chateu Neuf, can´t wait, four of the funniest people in Norway on stage, together. I have the highest expectations.

Trine - Olaf Ryes Plass