Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thanks Grandma

I really and truly appreciate it. A lot. Thank you.

4 days left

Until I go to sleep (almost) next to the Eiffel Tower. Can´t wait. Been a bit lazy this week, that kind of gives me a bad feeling. I feel that I should work all the time to succeed with this profession.
Will be doing another beautyshoot next thursday, if it turns out great we might try to sell it somewhere. Have to get my fashion-portfolio ready so that I can take it around town to all the magazines.

Will be delivering prints to make my third book tomorrow. Heia Espen Vol. I and Heia Espen Vol. II is already in the book-shelf, it´s time for Vol. III. They only exist in one copy each and they all contain 50 pages, with something like 75 pictures in them. In the future I´ll sell them on ebay for millions, when I´m famous that is.

We´ll be living 250 meters from this tower, which ironically was also my nickname growing up

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Concert, one of the best experinces in quite some time. Nouvelle Vague charmed an entire Rockefeller with their fantastic performances and beautiful songs. Loved it. Truly. Seven dots on the dice, easy.

Weekend In The City

Went to John Dee thursday night for a concert with the huge(in numbers) band I´m From Barcelona, which is actually from Skåne in Sweden. It was actually quite nice, 23 people or so on stage and quite the hallelujah mood on quite a few of them. But they have some very nice melodies and cute lyrics.

Two more fans and two of the greatest guys I know. The supertalented Birger and the pride of Elverum, Mr. Simen.

Had a couple of beers with both of them and quite a few others on friday, yesterday I had some beers with someone completely different. Today it´s time for another concert, Nouvelle Vague, the french group doing bossanova covers of my favourite postpunk/newwave tunes. Really looking forward to this one.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, todays shoot is over. I feel semisatisfied. Marius the model did a great job, I believe I did what I could but the clothes were a bit too "common" for my taste, a bit too everyday and a little too preppy for me but that´s life. Hopefully the magazine will be happy with it, have to retouch them tomorrow.

I´m not feeling to well, hope it´s better tomorrow and it´s not the flu that has caught up with me as well.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Had a great weekend up north.

Been rather busy since getting home, landed at Gardemoen late sunday night and was up there again early monday morning to take a picture for Norwegian. Took my parents out for dinner later that evening at Agra, a fantastic Indian restaurant down by the docks.
Today I started out photographing a chef for Hyttemagasinet, retouched it and delivered the shots, then went off to shoot a picture for Natt & Dag. Retouched it and then spent quite some time setting up the lights for tomorrows shoot, but now I´m fairly satisfied. 5 lights are up and running, a couple of screens both white and black has been positioned and the floor is painted. Yeah.

I wanna buy an apartment. And I´m stealing my parents car. Doubleyeah.

P.s. My website is fairly screwed, it bugs me, and it´s not even my fault. Hopefully the guys hosting my site will fix it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I hate to come up with titles for every post

After being raised in a photoalbumcrazy family I have finally started to make my own personal photoalbum. Even though I´m actually taking pictures for living I tend to suck when it comes to photograph private happenings, but that will of course now change. And I did buy my girlfriend a very nice camera for christmas so she better start to use it as well. I love photoalbums, and thanks mom and dad for documenting my whole life up until a couple of years ago.

Got a couple of shoots lined up next week, will be doing a picture for Norwegian on monday, then a couple of shoots for Hyttemagasinet tuesday and a fashionspread for Mann wednesday. Thursday and friday will be spent retouching and poff, another week has flown by.

Will be flying to Trondheim tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tip of the day

Make sure you don´t wash sweaters made of 100% wool with your other clothing.

Paid bills worth over 40.000 kr within 5 minutes today and I´m only about halfway through the pile. That´s a new record for me, and it sucks.

Monday, February 12, 2007


This is my post number 100 at this blog. yeah.
Forgot to put out the pictures of my most known fan, the swedish hipitohop artist.

Bought a trip to Paris for me and my girlfriend, it was supposed to be a Valentinespresent but I didn´t manage to wait that long before giving it to her. Been to France and Paris once before but that was many years ago so really looking forward to the trip. Heading to Trondheim this weekend, although not as exotic I´m really excited for this trip as well.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bad blogging

I know I´ve been bad at updating this blog for the last couple of weeks. I blame it on being busy and that´s a good thing right?
Shot another ad.campaign last monday and tuesday and retouched them on wednesday. Delivered them thursday and everybody seems happy, myself included. Bought myself a new cellphone, a Sony Ericsson K800i. It seems great and it has quite a good camera on it as well; 3,2 megapixel, autofocus and a blitz.
Been working all weekend at the resort where I work during the weekends, am trying to be permitted from that job until the summer since the business is going rather well I hope to manage without working during the weekends as well.
Will be shooting a mens fashion series within the next couple of weeks, hopefully also a new beautytestshoot. Have to start printing and make my fashionportfolio.
And of course, my blogging will pick up again.

Another fan; Kristoffer at TBWA. The baddest badboy in the bizniz.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

No Cell

Headed out thursday night, my good friend Pål had put me on the list and I looked forward to the debut-concert of Monteè. Lots of friends were there and I must admit I might have had a drink or two too much. My cellphone got lost and that sucks, had it in the concealed pocket of my jacket but somehow it found a way out, bastard. Being in the middle of a big production without my cell is not that handy but I guess it will work out.

Went to Rockefeller last night, Serena Maneesh and 120 Days were both playing and even before they entered the stage Apple Falls did a couple of songs. All the gigs were great but the highlight of the night happened during the last song of the night when some extreme nudity suddenly entered stage. Dancing nude in front of a 1000 people has got to create a hangover.

Will be doing three pictures tomorrow and two on tuesday. I really hope everything will run smoothly and that the pictures will be great.

Have a nice week.