Monday, October 16, 2006


Very nice concert saturday that was followed up by a great party, had a good time and lots to drink. Was in a great mood until my alarmclock rang at 0800 am sunday morning, time to go to the studio for some picturetaking. Did some pictures for the aforementioned Hairdresser of the year competition, it went fairly well.
Later that day I went to see a football match that ended with a tie, Stabæk 2-2 Start.

Today I´ve been in quite a bad shape all day, got a slight fever and a rather heavy headache, but had to work and it really drained all my energy. Took a portrait for Natt & Dag that involved 25 baloons filled with helium, although 7 of them exploded before I managed to take a single picture I think it went okey.

Since the fashionseries I photographed a while back won´t great printed after all(F***) I´ll show it to you here instead, some mix up with the styling which meant that when the series would have been printed some of the clothes would be out of store, that sucks. I´d love to hear what you think of it though, feel free to comment.