Thursday, December 13, 2007

Victoria #1

Another picture I did way back, when it was warm and sunny outside. Finished it today. Three more to go.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I have a dream.
And that consists of me becoming a photoshop guru. Reading, experimenting and failing is what I believe to be the recipe.
Goofed around in PS today while watching some bad telly.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Emilie #2

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I shot this picture waaaaay back, it's part of a series. I'll finish them within the next couple of weeks, along with some beauty shots.

This is the last ad from the shoot with Bank Norwegian.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New StUdIo !!!

For the third time in about 16 months I've been moving into a new studio. Hopefully I can stay here for some time. Because it's f****** fantastic. We are currently making some changes here, a completely new kitchen have been brought in. New floor is being laid in that kitchen, it will soon also include a dining/meetingroom table. New sofas are on its way for the lounge area and some painting will be done.

This is the main studio, with the kitchen up the stairs and hangout area beneath the stairs. It's a huge room with great shooting space. Two different directions/walls to shoot at.

This is my officespace, some more shelves and plants will be purchased. I'm also going to have a sofa where those boxes to the far right are now. I really like it, and the big window is superb.

This is a daylight studio, because of the refreshening of the studio it's a bit messy now. But it's great to work in.

The makeup/styling area

Our lounge, soon to have its makeover..

Everyone that's visiting my blog is of course more than welcome to come visit me in my studio.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Good night

I got the keys to my new studio today, I totally love the place and the guys I'll be sharing it with are superb. Will be moving in a bit this weekend and continue next week.

A referee that chose the wrong door, one would have thought that it was hard to confuse soccer with ballet.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bank Norwegian #2

So these two will be doublepagespreads in VG this weekend. Both saturday and sunday. As presented here. Hopefully it will look good.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bank Norwegian

These are some pictures I did two weeks ago for Bank Norwegian. Which is the airplane company starting up a bank. I guess the pictures will make more sense as ads so I'll post those when I get them. I'm really pleased with the limo picture. Whatcha think?

Friday, November 23, 2007


Woke up today with a massive headache and sore throat feeling pretty lousy. But had a scheduled shoot today and couldn't cancel. Shot some pictures of the superb band Animal Alpha today, pics that hopefully will end up on the cover of their next record, hitting the streets the 28th of January. It turned out pretty cool, some copy & paste and some photoshop tricks and it will be done. I also bought 2 new studioflashes today. And once I have settled in at the new studio I'll buy the new Imac, they are so neat.

Have a good weekend.


I am a pop/rock guy. But I do like a good hiphop tune when they come around, if I narrow that down to norwegian hiphop acts those tunes don't come around too often(in my opinion), so that's why I got so happy after hearing MadCon's Beggin' for the first time. I really liked it, superb and catchy melody, it is the sound of success. And success it has been for them selling over 10.000 singles. But after some research I found out the song is actually a cover, and also almost identical to the original song. It's still a great accomplishment and still a great performance by MadCon, but the real credit should go to the management. Releasing an old hit as the first single, selling tons, have the band perform all over the tv channels and participating in Skal vi danse, before releasing the album. Fantastic promotion, and the album will probably sell good as well, at least if their own songs are as good as Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons's.

London Day 4 & 5

It was pretty rainy when we woke up so didn't exactly hurry out, but once we got out we went to my favourite park in London. A small cemetery called Brompton Cemetery, also known as Squirrel Park. It is situated between Earls Court and Stamford Bridge(Chelseas homecourt). Even though it is a cemetery I do believe the squirrelse outnumber the dead people, and they are not exactly shy. The squirrels that is, didn't see much of the dead people. I have almost never used the video feature on my digital compacts but that is actually a rather cool feature and therefore I did some directing in this aforementioned park. Check it out below.

After this we made a short trip out to Spitalfields/Brick Lane, but didn't have time to stay there too long as the main reason for this trip was coming up. A concert with Arcade Fire at Alexandria Palace. And it was fucking awesome, it is of course THE band of the 2000's, the Beatles of our era.

The last day of our trip we spent downtown doing some late shopping before flying back home. And we both agreed it was a superb trip.

Piz out London, see ya soon.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

London Day 3

Pretty lousy weather today, extremely windy and raining. But we sticked to our plan and went to Camden town and London Zoo. It was a fairly good zoo, after being in both Amsterdam Zoo and Copenhagen Zoo before this I would say I'm qute the zooexpert. We spent a good couple of hours here before heading across town to visit Tate Modern. It's huuuuge and contains lots of great art, it was closing down just before we managed to get all around the place so we might head back another day. Wet, cold and tired it was again time to head back to the hotel room.

funny thing

Okey, we were hanging in our room watching Oceans 13 on tv with all those superstar actors, and then a little later guess who I met downstairs? Mr. Don Cheadle, participant in the aforementioned movie and a pretty darn good actor.
Now that's funny innit?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

London Day 2

A rather lazy day, we got up a bit late and out a bit late. We walked over to Portobello road and spent a couple of hours there strolling around. Looooots of people there on a saturday. Took the bus downtown, sitting on the top floor of course, had a dinner and then went to British Museum. I must say that I'm not that interested in old creations, statues and other stuff from ancient greece, rome, etc. It just doesn't trigger my curiosity. I'm more of a contemporary guy. Trine loves it though so we'll head back another day since they closed rather early today. Spent the evening in our room, ordering some food from room service. Room service rules.

Friday, November 16, 2007

London Day 1 (a little later)

It's pretty tiring to walk around such a huge city. Went through Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, past Buckingham Palace, through Trafalgar Square, in and around the National Portrait Gallery, lots of shops in Soho, flipped through some records in SisterRay Records in Berwick Street, dragged ourself a bit along Oxford Street, we ate and drank and then took the underground back to Notting Hill Gate where we stay. A bit relaxing at the room now before heading out for a late night dinner. Holla.

Some pix.

London Day 1

After 13 hours of photoshopping wednesday it felt great to travel to London yesterday. We arrived late but had time for a late night dinner. Waking up today till fantastic weather and traditional english breakfast. Heading out now for some streetwalking, windowshopping and some pints. Peace.

The Room

With A View

The Bathroom



No Parking


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Studio of the day

Took the last picture for the upcoming campaign this week, I'm superstoked about it. Extremely satisfied. I'm usually very sceptic after a shoot and it takes some time before I actually feel satisfied but with this I'm pretty confident it will be cool.

Behind The Scenes

Alltogether I worked about 13 hours today. Had my first meal and glass of water 15 hours after I woke up. At that time I was really f***** up. Pretty advanced stuff I tried to create today, and I do believe I can pull it all together. I did two pictures today, and will do one tomorrow and then there is an insane amount of photoshopping to do. One of the pictures consist of about 10-12 different exposures. The problem is that I leave for London on thursday, and I have to have everything finished and delivered before that. That's a couple of days too soon but..... I guess it will work out.

photos by assistant Lars Kristian, check out his blog.