Thursday, October 26, 2006

Red, red wine

Did quite a bit of shopping yesterday, three pair of shoes and a couple of sweaters. Felt good, I´m very rarely out shopping, mainly because I never have money, but it felt good so I´ll try to do it a bit more often. Spent the night alone drinking some red wine and watching a dvd about the fantastic band Supergrass.

Been at the studio retouching all day and managed to finish three jobs, that´s nice since then I don´t have to go the studio tomorrow before heading to Denmark. Having two friends over in a bit for some more wine and good music, looking forward to it. The newest number of Natt & Dag hits the streets today so I guess I can publish the portrait I did for them, here it is. The man in the picture is the movie director Bård Breien, he has just finished a new movie that hits the cinemas within a couple of weeks.