Saturday, October 14, 2006


Did some retouching yesterday and had two meetings concerning "Hairdresser of the year" pictures, two completely different shoots but very cool ideas behind both of them. Went to "Team Eckbo" last night and it was hilarious, was seated on the second row and people sitting around us got picked on all the time but we were lucky enough not to be included in their jokes.

Slept late today before doing some windowshopping with Trine, getting clothes that fit when one is 203 cm is not easy. Guess I have to be more patient when searching for new outfits. Went to Tiger, the number one recordstore in this country, by far. Bought a couple of new vinyl´s like the new LP by Tv On The Radio. Later this evening I´ll go to a concert with Magnus Hængsle and then to a friend of mines party. Can´t stay out too late though since I´m shooting at 9 am tomorrow.

This is Magnus´s poster and his profile is photographed by me. Yeah.