Thursday, March 29, 2007

Easter Holiday

Over a week since my last post. Jeez.
Been busy with apartment stuff as well as work. I'm leaving for the mountains tomorrow so this is the last day of work for almost a week. Yeah.

The new issue of Mann is out, and guess who is in it? Marius, photographed by yours truly. Shot another ad yesterday, easy photograph, not so easy photoshopping but it turned out quite nice actually.

Updated my commercial book today, will finish the fashion book during the holidays and then speed around town showing them to everybody right after easter. Hopefully gaining some work out of it.

Here's Marius.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More ads.

Here are the final two ads that I did with DDB Oslo for Triomar/Orkla.


The beautyshoot that I did some time back, I mailed the pictures to the beauty-editor of InSide magazine. She loved the pictures and decided to put one of them on the cover for the next issue. My first cover, yeah. Be sure to buy it when it arrives in the stores a couple of weeks from now.

Been in the studio all of yesterday and today doing absolutely nothing. Yesterday I was just paralized by the bidding contest and today I´ve just been surfing on Ikea and such websites. Hmm, I´ve moving in the 16th of April, hopefully I´ll get some work done before that.

Monday, March 19, 2007


This is the most exciting thing I´ve done in a looooong time. Bidding on an apartment. And the best thing is that I won the bidding contest so the superb place is miiiiine and actually it became cheaper than I had hoped for.

You are all of course invited to come for a visit anytime you want.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I think I´ve been to Gardemoen 10 times within just over one month. Went there again last night to document an event directed by T-Spoon. Will be heading up there tonight as well to continue the work. I hope it doesn´t last too long cause I want to drink beer tonight.
I´ll be bidding for some apartments on monday, pretty crazy stuff. Within minutes one might have spent extreme amounts of money for an apartment spent about 20 minutes in. But went to two very nice places thursday so I´d love to "win" one of them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Heia Espen Volume III

Yep, it´s finally here. The much anticipated volume III from the book series made by photographer Espen Nersveen.
Too bad it´s handmade and that it´s just one copy or I´d sell it to you on ebay.
Here are a few spreads from the 50-page book made up entirely of photos, my photos.

Movie Of The Year 2007


Another Frank Miller novel made into film, Sin City meets Lord Of The Rings. And it will kick some serious ass. Can´t wait to see it, on a cinema near you the 23rd of march.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On my way to the studio

Monday, March 12, 2007


Took a picture of a soccer player today, he is playing on a team I can´t stand so I feel somewhat like Judas today. But the picture is not half bad even though I had about 2 minutes with him.

Some of the images from the Triomar campaign I did some time back are now being published. I´ve seen ads in Dagbladet Magasinet and Vg Helg among other newspapers. So then I guess it´s safe to publish it here as well.

So here are three of the five pictures done with DDB Oslo for Møller Collett. The other two will come out once I´ve seen them somewhere.
I´ve copied three pictures together on each of them to get that panorama-effect.

The original pictures as well as how it appears in the ad. I must say I like it much better with some colour but the client probably would have his products stand out some more and that´s why it´s B&W with a brown touch.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Old Snaps

Found some more pictures taken for maybe a year or two ago. I´m a huge fan of snapshots and really adore photographers like Wolfgang Tillmans, Terry Richardson and Juergen Teller among others.
Anyway, heres some more pix.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Street Photography

While surfing the world wide web I came across a really nice Street Photography site. It contains some amazing footage and talented photographers, really inspirational. I used to have a camera with me everywhere, shooting pictures wherever I went, portraits, parties, snapshots, landscapes etc. But after going digital I´ve almost not taken a picture like that for ages, only during special occasions like holidays abroad etc. But now it´s time to pick it up again.

And since this is kind of an official comeback for the snapshot photographer that I started out as I will post some snaps taken during my time. Making it official(oooh) I also put some pressure on me so that I will get my butt out there and photograph.
If you look closely you´ll also see a picture of Bloc Party that I took some years back before most even knew they existed.



Had a nice shoot yesterday and as I said I´m pretty satisfied. It´s always something that could have been even better but all in all I´m very pleased with the product. Lots of kudos to the great talents that Oil(makeup) and Rahil(hair) posess. And of course the superyoung but very promising Karin(model) from Team.

Some backstage photos, blogexclusives

Taken with my new camera of course, I´ll finally start snapping pictures everywhere. Yeah. I´ll be an original photographer again, not just a fancyshmancylightingstudiorat.