Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I got the message today, I´ve moving in to a new studio tomorrow. After only beeing in the last studio for a couple of months I´m moving. There are several reasons to this, the biggest one being the fact that anyone who feels like it can just walk in and steal whatever they might want now that the bars covering the windows have been removed. The second reason being the fact that with the bars or not, we could only hope to have the area for like 6-12 more months. So then I figured I might as well start looking for something else and I found a superb place at Grunerløkka that I will be sharing with only one other photographer. It´s much cosier, much safer and it has everything one might want in a studio like kitchen, sofa-area, recordplayer, a comfy desk and a spacious place to photograph. Moving in all my stuff tomorrow and really looking forward to it, I´ll post some pictures of it tomorrow I guess.

Growing up in a leftwinged home with my parents being former hippies and myself being somewhat radical I must say I feel some shame about this super-conservative move I made the last post with the McD-advertising and stuff. And I apologize to Marius being all innocent and ending up in a McD commercial, sorry dude. I blame Miss Tiana for introducing me to the whole thing.

By the way, if you´re bored, hates the fall and have nothing to do while staying inside when it rains. Buy the series The Wire on dvd. The first two seasons are out now. It´s superb. The story going down in Baltimore City involving everything from narcotics, dirty cops, gay africanamerican snitches and topless chicks, and can a show with those ingredients fail? No, it can´t.