Sunday, November 19, 2006

120 Days

How much they will sell is hard to determine but that they will become on of the most sought after exports from the norwegian music scene in a long time is without a doubt. The fact that they are one of the most exciting bands ever to come out of this tiny country is also a fact, at least if you are listening to the cred/underground people of the industry. I myself have huge respect for this band, I´m good friends with Ådne(vocals) and Kjetil(synth), but that´s not the reason I´m a fan. They are extremely dedicated and they listen to alot of the same music as I do, lots of inspiration from the british postpunk scene and the german krautrockers. But then again, who doesn´t like Joy Division and Neu.
If you´re not familiar with the band, they were called Beautiful People in the beginning, producing two highly acclaimed Ep´s. But when released internationally they had to change name and even though they were called Sex Beat for about 15 minutes they are now the 120 Days.

Check out their first brand new video below. Directed by Lasse Gretland.