Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Been ill for a month now, only worked like 20% of what I should have been doing, that upsets me. Fuck pneumonia. Now they are going to change windows in the studio which means I´ll be out of my workplace for almost two weeks. Finally feeling healthy but still can´t go to work. Arrg.
I´m sort of looking for a new venue anyhow, so if you know some place that would be a suitable photostudio then let me know.

The superb band Flying Fellinis is this weeks Ukas Urørt. And they have used some pictures I took of them for like 4 years ago as press pictures, guess I have to do another photoshoot with them soon. They sound great though, check them out.

Went to a musicquiz at Cacadou last night, and guess who kicked ass? Well, we did of course, won it all. Felt good, I have a huge hunger for competitions and especially when it´s about something I care about. My winnerinstinct is almost a bit extreme.

Later tonight I´m heading to Sentrum Scene for a concert with the superb Sufjan Stevens, can´t wait. I have such huge expectations.