Monday, September 25, 2006

Tv 3

I like the topmodel-show on television. Although todays show was not very impressive, first of all that whole episode of the nearlyfainting got just stupid with all the crying and stuff. And second of all, they do the photoshoot in Norway, why not use a norwegian photographer? That french or italian or something photographer that they use sucks, the pictures looked so extremely boring it kinda freaks me out.

And what's up with the kelloggs commercial where the main character is cheating on his wife, who came up with the idea and why did the client accept it?

Anyway, I did my first truly commercial assignment today and it went fairly well. It seemed as if the was happy at least so then I'm happy as well. Kudos to the fantastic model who really saved the day, (happy now Trine?).
Got a whole lot of retouching to do, so I'll probably sit in front of my mac for about 12 hours or so tomorrow.

Me, myself and I hanging out with Knut Bry at a Kreativt Forum party.