Saturday, September 23, 2006

Long Hours

Yesterday I was showing some of my pictures to a magazine called Natt & Dag, got the feeling they liked some of it. Hopefully they did, would be nice to shoot some pictures for them. Met Trine for a cup of coffee before heading to my part-time job for the remainder of the day. I work two weekends a month at a community for people with different disabilites. A very rewarding job actually. After work I went to the birthdayparty of a friend of mine, loved it, been a while since I hung out with that crowd.

Had my breakfast at McDonalds today, don´t think I have done that since maybe like 6-7 years ago. Not my(trine´s) idea though. Went to pick up some clothes for the photoshoot on monday before heading to work at the community again. Just got back from there now, need to get some sleep before heading back up there again tomorrow morning.

Some of my records.