Monday, September 18, 2006

Bit tired

Been in Stavanger this weekend with a busload of friends, literally. The official reason to go was to watch football, the unofficial to have great fun and drink loads of beer. Managed to do both. But since we weren´t home before 6 am this morning after almost 10 hours riding the bus home I´m still a bit tired.

Got this link in the mail today, pictures from an exhibition by the artist Banksy held in Los Angeles for VIP´s only, that guy is so f***ing creative that it just blows my mind. If I was making that art, being famous and selling pieces for 100k and upwards I seriously don´t think I would be able to stay anonymous.

Really looking forward to the fashion shoot I´m doing thursday, been a while since I have done one and I´m really eager to create something with quality. I´m happy with the model we´re using and hopefully the stylist will find a lot of cool stuff as well. I´ll post some pictures here when it´s done.

Well, football practice in a couple of hours.