Tuesday, September 12, 2006


A big part of photography is finding all the places that the pictures are to be taken. If it is in the studio it´s easy, but most pictures are taken on location, and preferably a cool location. So then you have to go out there and look, today I have been at a lake up in the forest where I´m from. It is a beautiful place and I took some pictures there for a possible fashion shoot next week. I´m posting a couple of pictures from the location as well as a portrait of three old fellas that were taking a little walk up there.

Later this evening I´m meeting my girl for a trip to the movies, we´re going to see a new Norwegian film called Reprise. Looking forward to it, has gotten great reviews.

I´m also most likely going to shoot some pictures of a professional basketballteam, I believe the result could be very cool. Some creative slamdunkphotos with full lighting, beats all the boring newspaper pictures of basketball anyhow.