Thursday, September 28, 2006

Duvets & Llamas

Started the day shooting a whole bunch of different duvets for a newly started magazine. We did the shoot in the woods with slight rain coming down, with one of the duvets priced at about 1.000€ I´m glad the condition of the duvets after the shoot was not my responsibility. I think it all went okey though.

In the afternoon I went to pick up Trine cause we were heading to the mountains to her fathers cabin, a beautiful completely new cabin that is. It´s about a 3,5 hour drive and since we left Oslo rather late we had to drive in the dark. No roadlights for the last two hours, so after seeing nothing but the road in front of the car for some time I got a little shocked when my frontlights lit up what seemed to be some animals on my right hand side. And there, out of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere some llamas hung out. Such cute animals. They are related to camels I believe.