Sunday, February 04, 2007

No Cell

Headed out thursday night, my good friend Pål had put me on the list and I looked forward to the debut-concert of Monteè. Lots of friends were there and I must admit I might have had a drink or two too much. My cellphone got lost and that sucks, had it in the concealed pocket of my jacket but somehow it found a way out, bastard. Being in the middle of a big production without my cell is not that handy but I guess it will work out.

Went to Rockefeller last night, Serena Maneesh and 120 Days were both playing and even before they entered the stage Apple Falls did a couple of songs. All the gigs were great but the highlight of the night happened during the last song of the night when some extreme nudity suddenly entered stage. Dancing nude in front of a 1000 people has got to create a hangover.

Will be doing three pictures tomorrow and two on tuesday. I really hope everything will run smoothly and that the pictures will be great.

Have a nice week.