Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Had a great weekend up north.

Been rather busy since getting home, landed at Gardemoen late sunday night and was up there again early monday morning to take a picture for Norwegian. Took my parents out for dinner later that evening at Agra, a fantastic Indian restaurant down by the docks.
Today I started out photographing a chef for Hyttemagasinet, retouched it and delivered the shots, then went off to shoot a picture for Natt & Dag. Retouched it and then spent quite some time setting up the lights for tomorrows shoot, but now I´m fairly satisfied. 5 lights are up and running, a couple of screens both white and black has been positioned and the floor is painted. Yeah.

I wanna buy an apartment. And I´m stealing my parents car. Doubleyeah.

P.s. My website is fairly screwed, it bugs me, and it´s not even my fault. Hopefully the guys hosting my site will fix it.