Thursday, February 15, 2007

I hate to come up with titles for every post

After being raised in a photoalbumcrazy family I have finally started to make my own personal photoalbum. Even though I´m actually taking pictures for living I tend to suck when it comes to photograph private happenings, but that will of course now change. And I did buy my girlfriend a very nice camera for christmas so she better start to use it as well. I love photoalbums, and thanks mom and dad for documenting my whole life up until a couple of years ago.

Got a couple of shoots lined up next week, will be doing a picture for Norwegian on monday, then a couple of shoots for Hyttemagasinet tuesday and a fashionspread for Mann wednesday. Thursday and friday will be spent retouching and poff, another week has flown by.

Will be flying to Trondheim tomorrow.