Wednesday, February 28, 2007

4 days left

Until I go to sleep (almost) next to the Eiffel Tower. Can´t wait. Been a bit lazy this week, that kind of gives me a bad feeling. I feel that I should work all the time to succeed with this profession.
Will be doing another beautyshoot next thursday, if it turns out great we might try to sell it somewhere. Have to get my fashion-portfolio ready so that I can take it around town to all the magazines.

Will be delivering prints to make my third book tomorrow. Heia Espen Vol. I and Heia Espen Vol. II is already in the book-shelf, it´s time for Vol. III. They only exist in one copy each and they all contain 50 pages, with something like 75 pictures in them. In the future I´ll sell them on ebay for millions, when I´m famous that is.

We´ll be living 250 meters from this tower, which ironically was also my nickname growing up