Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bad blogging

I know I´ve been bad at updating this blog for the last couple of weeks. I blame it on being busy and that´s a good thing right?
Shot another ad.campaign last monday and tuesday and retouched them on wednesday. Delivered them thursday and everybody seems happy, myself included. Bought myself a new cellphone, a Sony Ericsson K800i. It seems great and it has quite a good camera on it as well; 3,2 megapixel, autofocus and a blitz.
Been working all weekend at the resort where I work during the weekends, am trying to be permitted from that job until the summer since the business is going rather well I hope to manage without working during the weekends as well.
Will be shooting a mens fashion series within the next couple of weeks, hopefully also a new beautytestshoot. Have to start printing and make my fashionportfolio.
And of course, my blogging will pick up again.

Another fan; Kristoffer at TBWA. The baddest badboy in the bizniz.