Monday, January 01, 2007

Mr. Nielsen

It´s about 5 am and I´m quite drunk but that doesn´t stop me from writing a post. The reason that I´m writing is this; me and trine are walking home from tonights party and suddenly it starts to rain like hell, we seek shelter underneath some roof at Vår Frelses Gravlund. And before we even get there we are joined by two other people, one of them being a hero of mine; Mr. Christopher Nielsen, the artist, the creator of both Slipp Jimmy Fri and To Trøtte Typer. Even though he was most interested in discussing groupsex and aliens with my girlfriend we had quite a few interesting discussions. He is weird. That´s what I found out, but also fascinating, and even though he seemed quite interested in Trine I love the fact that I spent about 30 minutes with Mr. Nielsen, in the rain, at a graveyard, four hours past midnight at new years eve.

Happy New Year everyone.

Piz & Løve.