Sunday, January 28, 2007


The new must-see series has just started on norwegian television, but the first two seasons are available on DVD. I truly recommend it. It´s about Vince, a prettyboy doing sudden success in Hollywood, and his mates that joins the ride. The show is based upon the life Mark Wahlberg lived when he broke the moviescene. Even though there are loads of highlights in the Entourage it´s the role Jeremy Piven plays as the mad agent Ari Gold that truly takes it over the top. The ingredients are sexy women, cool cars, crazy workaholics and four totally different dudes hanging out with way to much money to spend. It´s a show that gives us insight to a life lots of guys dream of and even though it´s quite shallow it also reveals that money and success ain´t everything. Isn´t it? Hmmm.