Thursday, January 11, 2007

Crazed fans

Both shoots went rather well. And both have been retouched and sent to the clients.

(And now it´s time for some whining!)
I sent out 20 letters for about one and a half weeks ago, containing new pictures I have taken along with a short handwritten letter. Only heard from two of the recipients. Guess it´s a long and hard way to the top in this business, actually it´s a f***ing struggle just to get the ends to meet sometimes. And at the same time all these guys in their midforties are taking the same pictures they took 10 years ago and making great money of it. Damn it.

But I´m the only one with my own official fanclub, yeah. Two new fans, the superb but mad photographer Knut Bry and my good friend, the always superbly-dressed hunk, Marius.

Tip Of The Day
You have to go and see the movie Shortbus. It´s way more than upclose and personal sex-scenes and singing the national anthem in your homeboy´s ass. I loved it at least, and so did my girl. And so should you.