Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well, that was it for 2006. It´s only a couple of days into the new year now and I´ve just started working again. I have big hopes for this year careerwise. Scheduled a couple of meetings tomorrow and I´ll be shooting someone famous this weekend. I really look forward to it and I hope he is a nice guy. Maybe if I´m lucky I´ll get a shot of him with my Heia Espen shirt on as well.

I always thought that naked women would gather lots of comments both pros and cons but obviously not. Maybe those pictures I posted earlier just suck ass so noone would even bother to look at them. I try again with some nudity, my apologies to all of you feminists and naked-women-haters out there. Anyway I can guarantee that there won´t be much more nudity in the future, I just had to try it out. I´m a bit above mediocre happy with both these and the earlier ones. A bit boring maybe. Better luck next time I suppose.