Monday, March 05, 2007


Yes, we are in Paris. The city of romance.
It´s been great so far, my feet hurts after walking on concrete for about 10 hours today. Seen lots of the main attractions but also done some shopping and eating. The hotel room is quite nice and the weather was windy but nice. I´ve been to Paris once before but that was long ago so don´t remember to much, it´s fantastic though. Really nice.

The Eiffel Tower and Sacre Ceur

The view over the city from Sacre Ceur

The Louvre and Trine

The Room

For my fellow Sopranos-fans

While walking around town we came across two high-class fashion shoots being done, that was really cool. And what caught my attention was the fact that both shoots had an entire modified bus with them where they did make-up and such, and both photographers had three assistents. Looked real professional and it probably were.

Shoot #1

Shoot #2