Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Au Revoir

We´re back from Paris, a city that rocks the socks off most other cities. Had a great time but now I´m tired, been streetwalking on asphalt about 10 km each day. But have been a lot of places and seen lots of things. Today we went to visit the Picasso museum as well as Pompidoo, the home of most of the contemporary art in Paris. A great place, incredible building.


View from the top of Pompidoo

While walking around town we came across the most superb bookstore I´ve ever visited. The owner was this supercute old guy that had been collection fashionmagazines and books concerning photography since the early ´60ties. He had an incredible amount of fantastic books, could easily spent a day there. Bought a couple of books and magazines. I suggested that he made his books available on the internet on ebay or amazon or something but then he kindly replied that the internet had way to many potential customers, he was so fond of his books that he actually didn´t like to sell them. ;-)


Conclusion: Visit Paris.

Back to work tomorrow, shooting beautypictures.