Friday, November 23, 2007

London Day 4 & 5

It was pretty rainy when we woke up so didn't exactly hurry out, but once we got out we went to my favourite park in London. A small cemetery called Brompton Cemetery, also known as Squirrel Park. It is situated between Earls Court and Stamford Bridge(Chelseas homecourt). Even though it is a cemetery I do believe the squirrelse outnumber the dead people, and they are not exactly shy. The squirrels that is, didn't see much of the dead people. I have almost never used the video feature on my digital compacts but that is actually a rather cool feature and therefore I did some directing in this aforementioned park. Check it out below.

After this we made a short trip out to Spitalfields/Brick Lane, but didn't have time to stay there too long as the main reason for this trip was coming up. A concert with Arcade Fire at Alexandria Palace. And it was fucking awesome, it is of course THE band of the 2000's, the Beatles of our era.

The last day of our trip we spent downtown doing some late shopping before flying back home. And we both agreed it was a superb trip.

Piz out London, see ya soon.