Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Heia Espen + Palookaville = True

It's official.
After working roughly 5 years on my own an era is finished. I've been signed by the agency Palookaville, and I'm super-excited. A lot of changes is being made to the agency these days which I will get into at a later date. But they have high ambitions and goals and that suits me to perfection. A brand new website will be up in November and from what I've seen so far it's going to be a perfect site for viewing pictures. I'm flattered and very proud that they wanted to sign me and this has given me plenty of inspiration and motivation.
There is almost one and a half year since we started to refurbish an entire house and then we had our daughter Iben, this has of course taken a lot of focus, time and energy. So now I am extremely ready to really focus on my work and hopefully the ladies running Palookaville will help me on my way. :-)

But no text without a picture. I present to you Tanya and Nina, the chicas running the agency.