Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Spent the weekend in Fyresdal with every single member of my girlfriends family, had a great time. Unfortunately we couldn't spend much time there because of my busy schedule. Went straight to the studio after returning on sunday and had to spend the entire evening/night retouching. Another twelve hour day yesterday but today things are falling into place so I'll probably be home for dinner.

Will be shooting 5 ads for Ventelo with Grey tomorrow and thursday. Have to finish these and deliver them by monday morning. I'll also attend a meeting with Hansen & Dysvik, Los & Co and Toxic on friday about the new stop-motionfilm we will be making together concerning christmas shopping. I'm having another shoot on monday and I might have a got a new job with TBWA as well. I'm a bizzy bee and I'm loving it.

Some photos from the weekend.