Friday, March 20, 2009

Another busy week

is over.
This week I have finished the travel-ad I did last week with TBWA, I did a small shoot with DDB and Stena Line as well as a job for Andre Boller and today I did another shoot with Ernø and Meny. My biggest job of my career got booked this week as well, will be the photographer on 4 commercials to be shown on Tv. It's a very exciting project that I will be doing with Los & Co ad agency and Toxic will be directing and doing the post-production. Fortunately I only have a small shoot and some post-production to be done next week as I have to spend a lot of time planning and getting ready for this large 3-day shoot. Yay.

Some images from today's shoot as well as the left-overs I took home with me. Sweet.