Thursday, March 06, 2008

As the sun hits the sky

I woke up this morning feeling a bit emotional and philosophical and once I saw the beautiful weather outside I knew I had to go outside.
My mind needed some cleaning up and I felt like pondering about the ups and downs in life, it felt easier to wonder why some things have to be so F****** difficult with the sun in my eyes and good music in my ears. I walked for a couple of hours and even though I didn't find the answers to everything in life it felt good. I came across some missionaries on my way and actually spent quite some time talking to them. Most of the time I am as you all know cynical, selfish and not a very pleasant fella, but since I was in my bigger than life mood today it was good to talk to some people that believe in something I have not yet started to believe in. They were really nice and I had to photograph them when we separated, me with a flyer helping me to reach God, them with the belief they had salvaged another doomed soul.
A bit disappointed about the fact that they couldn't guarantee success in life, work and love if I only started to pray but they were quite sure my life would be better and more meaningful if I did. Maybe I'll start.