Sunday, May 13, 2007

The blog is not dead, it was just feeling ill.

Been home feeling tired and ill the entire week. The last time I felt like this I kept working and got pneumonia so this time I took it easy and it has seemed to work. Feeling a lot better now after a great weekend.

Made a fancy dinner friday evening for my family because it was my brothers birthday. Started out with scampi, followed up with lamb and finished it with raspberry and ice-cream. It was a success.

Main Course

Yesterday me and Trine met up with some friends of ours and actually spent the entire day, evening and night with them. Frisbee in the park, barbeque and then liqour and poker. Great day.

Birger, Jørgen and Karoline ´laxing in my superb sofa


Me, playing some superb game that is popular in the benelux countries

Tomorrow I´ll be photographing Petter Stordalen for a danish newspaper.